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August 10, 2014

Ask Doc Returns!

After a long absence, "ASK DOC" returns! Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page.

January 7, 2010


Doc Kupka, Mic Gillette, Tom Politzer (L-R)
Doc Kupka, Mic Gillette, Tom Politzer (L-R)
Photo by Mark Leialoha at the recording session for "This Time It's Real"

Press Release from Strokeland Records artist TONY ADAMO

Tony Adamo’s Voice N’ Soul Music
Fred Harris, Los Angeles, California
UrbanZone Productions

Strokeland recording artist, Tony Adamo, got a new perspective of Voice N’ Soul when his long time guitarist/producer, Jerry Stucker got down with it at Capitol Studios and Mastering, at the historic Capitol Records Building, Hollywood, California. He brought in the big fat funk jazz beat of Stephen 'Doc' Kupka (Tower of Power, Strokeland Records) and Neil Larsen (Diana Krall, B.B. King, Greg Allman) for Adamo’s cover of the Tower of Power classic, "What is Hip," written by Kupka and Emilio Castillo. The arrangement by Jerry Stucker with Adamo’s "good gracious that’s a whole lot of soul vocal and spoken hip word" is so far removed from the original, that Doc "dug the hell out of it."

The "What is Hip" line up: Mike Clark (drums), Eddie Henderson (trumpet), Richie Goods (bass), Neil Larsen (organ), and Jerry Stucker (guitar). Eddie Henderson in the horn section and Doc Kupka (bari sax) is mo’ funk and groove than anyone can handle.

Tony Adamo’s new release will drop in 2010 and "What is Hip" will be available as an MP3 download on Doc Kupka’s Strokeland Records soon. For more information go to

December 15, 2009


Doc Kupka, Mic Gillette, Bernd Horrwarth (back row), Philipp Horrwarth (front)
Doc Kupka, Mic Gillette, Bernd Horrwarth (back row L-R)
Philipp Horrwarth (front)
- November 10, 2009

Strokeland Records European Fulfillment Manager Bernd Horrwarth recently took time for a photo with music legends Doc Kupka and Mic Gillette when Tower of Power performed in Munich, Germany recently. Tower of Power had a hugely successful European tour in November, 2009.

Bernd makes sure that all our loyal European Strokeland customers receive their orders promptly from our office in Germany and handles promotion for Strokeland in Europe. We appreciate all his hard work on behalf of Strokeland.

Philipp is an accomplished tennis player and is on the fast track in the German tennis leagues. Watch out for this young man at Wimbledon some day!

February 26, 2009
Lon Bronson All-Star Band


The LON BRONSON ALL-STAR BAND, a long-time Strokeland favorite artist is appearing LIVE in LAS VEGAS with some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS! Catch this show for a sneak preview of some of the hot musical chemistry that will be featured on the forthcoming Strokeland Records release DOC GOES VEGAS.

None other than STEPHEN 'DOC' KUPKA, LARRY BRAGGS, FRANCIS ROCCO PRESTIA, and more friends from the STROKELAND SUPERBAND will be sitting in with Lon Bronson's great band.

It all happens THURSDAY, MARCH 5 at 9:00PM (doors open at 8:15pm) at the CLUB MADRID, SUNSET STATION in LAS VEGAS.

February 21, 2009
Tony Adamo - Straight Up Deal


Strokeland Jazz is proud to welcome singer/songwriter TONY ADAMO with his latest release, STRAIGHT UP DEAL. A talented vocalist with a unique style, Adamo tackles R&B and Soul tunes alongside jazz standards and never fails to bring a unique perspective and a funky groove.

STRAIGHT UP DEAL features many world-class musicians, including Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Paul Jackson, Mike Clark, and Strokeland's own Funky Doctor, Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, along with many more renowned players and is garnering national airplay.

STRAIGHT UP DEAL includes a Tony Adamo/Jerry Stucker-penned tune called 'Groove Therapy' written as a tribute to Doc Kupka, and features the Funky Doctor himself on bari sax. Give 'Groove Therapy' a listen as our Song of the Day here on Strokeland's main page or in the sound clips on the STRAIGHT UP DEAL CD page.


October 21, 2008
Tower of Power - 40 Years!
Photo courtesy of Frank Anzalone
1968 - 2008 and counting

Congratulations to Doc Kupka, President of Strokeland Records; Emilio Castillo; David Garibaldi; Rocco Prestia; and all the members of Tower of Power, past and present, for creating the best Soul Music on the planet for 40 YEARS.

On Saturday night, October 18, 2008, Tower of Power took the stage where they auditioned on a Tuesday night for the legendary Bill Graham all those years ago -- The Fillmore in San Francisco -- and added yet another historic chapter to this lifetime success story. Many former members of Tower of Power shared the stage for one of the most memorable Tower of Power concerts EVER.

Tower of Power, we thank you for filling our lives with music, inspiration, smiles, excitement, and friendship for all these years.

Thanks to Frank Anzalone for use of the great photo above. Frank was the official still photographer for the evening.

August 19, 2008

Strokeland Adds New "Song Of The Day" Feature

Strokeland Song of the Day

In an effort to bring more attention to ALL of our great releases, we've launched a new "Song Of The Day" feature on the main page of

The upper right corner of the main page will now host a music player where you'll be able to hear a clip of one of Strokeland's hundreds of great songs. Clicking on the CD cover art there or the "MORE INFO..." link will take you directly to the CD page for that song on our site.

For now, the featured song will be manually rotated periodically. In the coming days, the featured song will change on every visit to

"Give it a listen every time you drop by Strokeland and we think you'll find some great new music that you might not have even known about", says Steve Finch, Director of Operations for Strokeland Records. "Strokeland now represents releases by 25 world-class artists, with almost 40 individual CDs. We think you'll find some great new music by looking a little deeper at our roster."

Finch continues, "Let me know personally what you think of this new feature and anything at Strokeland by dropping me an email any time at"

August 11, 2008


Doc Goes Hollywood CD Artwork

John Lee Sanders, who sang and arranged the beautiful vocals on DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD, is a resident of Canada. By virtue of this connection to our neighbors to the north, DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD has been nominated for a Western Canada Music Award!

DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD is nominated in the category of Best Blues Recording. We're honored and excited to have DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD recognized by this great music organization.

July 6, 2008



READ LIZ SMITH's COLUMN (starts near bottom of first page)

June 29, 2008


The Making of Doc Goes Hollywood

Strokeland Records is excited to announce the availability online of a new ten minute short film documenting the making of DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD. Craig Carman, a longtime friend of Strokeland Records, also works in the music business on a national level and became interested in documenting the recording process for this great new release.

No shortcuts were taken in the production of Doc Goes Hollywood in order to ensure a truly world-class release, and Craig documented much of the significant effort required to produce this music. Craig had the foresight to realize how special this project is and produced this film to share some of that experience with Strokeland fans. Many hours of film were cut down to fit the YouTube limit of ten minutes for this initial release.

Strokeland Records would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Craig Carman for his many hours spent filming and editing to record this event.

Craig Carman
Craig Carman

Notes from Craig Carman, Producer of THE MAKING OF DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD

David Garibaldi is a close friend of mine. I thought it would be a great idea to produce a documentary about his incredible success that would coincide with TOPs upcoming 40th anniversary. David told me about some upcoming studio work with Doc and asked if I'd like to capture some video. I called Doc, also a dear friend, and asked permission to film. It was during this conversation that I first learned about Doc Goes Hollywood.

After hearing demos, learning what the CD was all about and who was involved, I realized that this was history in the making. Doc gave me full access to all recording sessions and set up exclusive interviews with his partners and musicians. I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this significant project evolve from lyrics on a note pad to the world-class recording that it is today.

I have always been a fan of the Great American Songbook style of songwriting and performing. Harry Connick, Michael Buble and others have enjoyed remarkable success recording classics from this genre. Leave it to Doc Kupka to actually write 12 new songs that elegantly reflect and honor this wonderful style of musical craftsmanship. Thank you Doc for bringing back class and melody to songwriting and for giving me the opportunity to experience the Making of Doc Goes Hollywood.

Craig Carman

WATCH THE MAKING OF DOC GOES HOLLYWOOD on the Strokeland Media page.



June 6, 2008


Roger Smith

ROGER SMITH is well known to Strokeland fans as the powerhouse keyboardist for the legendary Tower of Power, but Roger is also master of a variety of musical genres and has crafted a sound all his own in the world of contemporary jazz.

Roger’s “Off the Hook” was a smash, No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz singles chart in 1999 and stayed on the top 10 chart for more than 17 weeks. His single was No. 7 on Radio & Records top 100 songs of the year in 1999 and, at the same time, Roger was nominated for three Oasis Awards for outstanding achievement in the Smooth Jazz genre for Best Keyboardist, Best New Artist and Song of the Year. All of this garnered him the title of Radio & Records’ Breakout Artist of the Year.

And now, Roger is back with a brand new collection of great contemporary jazz -- his newest release, SITTIN' IN.

Already garnering accolades and airplay on Smooth Jazz stations around the country, SITTIN' IN is poised to become a new favorite among C-Jazz fans.

Initially released exclusively on Strokeland Records, SITTIN' IN is a wonderful showcase for Roger's unique keyboard talents over top of a great collection of smooth grooves with appearances from many Strokeland all-star musicians, including: Mic Gillette, David K. Mathews, Larry Braggs, Ray Obiedo, Adolpho Acosta, Norbert Stachel, and many more world-class greats.

Check out Roger's great new release here on Strokeland Jazz.

March 28, 2008


Doc Goes Hollywood CD Artwork

Strokeland Records is proud to announce Doc Goes Hollywood is now available for pre-order. A longtime personal dream of Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Doc Goes Hollywood is a wonderful collection of lush ballads in the Great American Songbook style.

A major departure from Doc Kupka's trademark East Bay Soul or "snap funk" style, Doc Goes Hollywood has the potential to stand as one of his crowning achievements in music.

John Lee Sanders sings all lead vocals and provided all of the incredible background vocals and vocal arrangements.

An all-star collection of some of your favorite musicians provided the rhythm section and horn work, and the William Ross Orchestra provides full orchestration with real strings, oboes, french horns, and much more!

Arranger and Co-Producer William Ross won an Emmy for "Outstanding Music Direction" for his stellar work as music director for the 79th Annual Academy Awards in 2007.

The incredible orchestrations on Doc Goes Hollywood were all written, arranged, and directed by Mr. Ross. This release will be unlike anything you've ever heard from Doc Kupka and has been produced and performed by the very best in the business.

Mr. Ross also serves as Music Director for Barbra Streisand and is an A-List Hollywood composer, arranger and orchestrator, who has worked on dozens of top movies, including Ladder 49, Contact, Forrest Gump, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, My Dog Skip, and many more.

For Doc's many East Bay Soul fans, no need to worry... Doc's next project will be more hard-hitting R&B!

Doc Goes Hollywood will ship around April 23. Pre-order your copy today!


March 21, 2008

Strokeland Community Closed

Due to lack of participation, the Strokeland Community has been shut down.

Steve Finch, Director of Operations for Strokeland Records, says "We just felt that the low number of postings recently by Strokeland fans made it a place on our site that was not indicative of the current state of Strokeland Records. Strokeland is a booming, thriving center of East Bay Soul music, jazz, other forms of R&B, and now even to 'Great American Songbook'-style standards with the release of Doc Goes Hollywood."

"This is an exciting time at Strokeland. Doc Kupka's new release is truly a world-class collection of music. Music simply cannot be produced to any higher standard than what was done for this CD, as you will soon see and hear."

"The fans have spoken, and we just feel that perhaps the message board format is not what music fans are looking for in 2008. During the course of this year, Strokeland will be adding a number of exciting new features to our site, so stay tuned. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see at, let me know by dropping me an email any time at"

January 15, 2008


Bernd Horrwarth, Strokeland EU Fulfillment Manager
Bernd Horrwarth
Strokeland Records EU Fulfillment Manager

After more than six months of planning, Strokeland Records is proud to announce the opening of our European Fulfillment Center in Eningen, Germany under the management of Bernd Horrwarth.

Effective immediately, orders shipped to all European countries will be shipped from Eningen, Germany.

Improving our shipment of orders to our European friends has been a concern for us for quite some time. Shipments to Europe from the US can be slow and expensive. Most of our international customers have also been faced with high import duties or other taxes on international shipments which can greatly add to the cost of ordering our great music.

Now, STROKELAND CAN SHIP ANY CD to our customers within the EU with NO IMPORT DUTIES.

European shipments will be made via DHL, which can provide DELIVERY TO ANY LOCATION IN EUROPE IN 7 DAYS OR LESS -- often in only 2 to 3 days!

Our thanks to the manager of our EU office, Bernd Horrwarth, for all his hard work and patience in preparing for this.

Bernd is also involved in providing logistics services for newspapers in Germany and is an advertising consultant. He lives with his wife, Esther, and his son Philipp (7). Philipp is quite a young tennis player and has been invited to be coached by the Head Coach of the German First League Tennisclub to watch his progress!

Bernd Horrwarth, Strokeland EU Fullfillment Manager:

December 30, 2007


Bruce Steinberg
Bruce Steinberg at recording session for Mic Gillette's "Ear Candy"
In front of David Garibaldi's drum set
7-18-2004 Sy Klopps Studio, San Francisco, California

Photo © Steve Finch

Our dear friend Bruce Steinberg passed away early today, December 30, 2007 in Santa Cruz, California at age 64 after an illness lasting several months.

It would take many pages to even begin documenting Bruce's accomplishments in engineering, photography, art direction, design, marketing, and more. For a short description which was approved as accurate by Bruce himself, you can read the documentation on the Bruce Steinberg Gallery.

Bruce is best known in this community as a rock photographer and art director and designer for most of Tower of Power's album covers, and many others, including albums by the Doobie Brothers, Janis Joplin, Azteca, Michael McDonald, the Headhunters, and many more.

I had the privilege of working closely with Bruce over the past few years in developing and running his gallery website and in co-designing the artwork for the Strokeland Superband's "Bumped Up to First Class" with him. The truth of the matter is that I had a few good ideas on the Bumped Up cover, and then tried my best to hang on while Bruce's creativity and expertise took off.

I have learned a huge amount from Bruce and owe him a debt of gratitude for his friendship and shared expertise. Bruce was one of the most intelligent people I ever met. He was probably misunderstood by a lot of people, but Bruce only wanted things done the best they could be done at all times. It truly pained him to see things that were less than they could be. He was a perfectionist in the best sense of the word, and it shows in his legacy of work.

Bruce Steinberg
(l-r) Greg Adams, Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Mic Gillette, Skip Mesquite, Bruce Steinberg, Emilio Castillo
at recording session for Mic Gillette's "Ear Candy"
with the original Tower of Power Horns
7-18-2004 Sy Klopps Studio, San Francisco, California

Photo © Steve Finch

Bruce Steinberg was a true renaissance man -- engineer, musician, photographer, marketing expert, and most of all, father and grandfather.

Bruce had been sick for several months, but didn't want a big fuss made about him and so his illness hadn't been made public.

I have a hard time picturing a world without Bruce in it. We are all the poorer for his loss, but richer for having shared this space with him for a short while.

"To Bruce, it has always been about finding the beauty in the funk, and his work is a celebration of that vision."

God bless you, Bruce. We will miss you, my friend.

Steve Finch
Strokeland Records

December 14, 2007


CORRECTION: We apologize to those of you who watched "Behind the Shield" a couple of weeks ago looking for the Strokeland segment, only to find that it did not air at that time. We were going on the best information we had at that time. We have now been ASSURED that the segment will definitely air THIS SATURDAY on BEHIND THE SHIELD.

- Steve Finch, Director of Operations, Strokeland Records

As previously reported, Strokeland Records and the Oakland Raiders have a close connection through Doc Kupka's newest Strokeland Superband release, "Bumped Up to First Class."

"Bumped Up to First Class" features a great new soul tune called "A Soulful Kinda Love", which was co-written by veteran Raiders staffer JOHN OTTEN, and Raider coaches ROB RYAN and DON "WINK" MARTINDALE join John on background vocals for his tune!

The Raiders' TV show "BEHIND THE SHIELD" will run a feature story THIS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15 about "Bumped Up to First Class". Featuring interviews with DOC KUPKA, JEFF TAMELIER, JOHN OTTEN, ROB RYAN and DON "WINK" MARTINDALE among others, the segment will provide Strokeland and Raiders fans a behind-the-scenes look at our connection and the story behind this great new song.

The show will AIR AT 6:00PM SATURDAY, DEC 15 on KICU 36/6 in the Bay Area and on many other Raiders affiliate stations on the West Coast. Check here to see if a TV station near you carries the show!

October 17, 2007


STROKELAND RECORDS is proud to annouce our association with the legendary OAKLAND RAIDERS. Doc Kupka and Tower of Power have had ties to the Raiders since the early 1970's. In fact, Bruce Steinberg's famous 1978 photo of Tower of Power in the Raiders locker room from Tower's "We Came to Play" album stands as one of the band's most memorable photos.

To make the Raiders connection even stronger, Doc Kupka's newest Strokeland Superband release, "Bumped Up to First Class", features a great new soul tune called "A Soulful Kinda Love", which was co-written by veteran Raiders staffer JOHN OTTEN. Raider coaches ROB RYAN and DON "WINK" MARTINDALE join John on background vocals for his tune!

Check out the detailed song credits for "Bumped Up to First Class" and read Doc Kupka and Jeff Tamelier's comments about the making of this great new release.

"BUMPED UP TO FIRST CLASS" is NOW AVAILABLE in the RAIDER IMAGE STORES in the Bay Area and also in the RAIDERS ONLINE STORE. Support the Raider Nation and tell 'em the Funky Doctor sent ya!

September 20, 2007


NEW VIDEO FOR "COLIN POWELL" NOW ONLINE! Check out the new song "Colin Powell" from Bumped Up to First Class by the Strokeland Superband now on YouTube!

Watch and listen now on the Strokeland Media page!

September 20, 2007


William "Bill" Ross (l) and Stephen "Doc" Kupka (r)

Producer and arranger of the upcoming Doc Kupka release, "Doc Goes Hollywood", William Ross won an Emmy for "Outstanding Music Direction" this week for his stellar work as music director for the 79th Annual Academy Awards this year.

The incredible orchestrations on"Doc Goes Hollywood"were all written, arranged, and directed by Mr. Ross. This release will be unlike anything you've ever heard from Doc Kupka and has been produced and performed by the very best in the business.

Mr. Ross also serves as Music Director for Barbra Streisand and is an A-List Hollywood composer, arranger and orchestrator, who has worked on dozens of top movies, including Ladder 49, Contact, Forrest Gump, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, My Dog Skip, and many more.

Congratulations to Mr. Ross from Strokeland Records!!

July 10, 2007


You thought it would never get here, but great things are worth the wait!

Expected to ship on or around August 1, 2007, Strokeland is now accepting pre-orders for the latest Strokeland Superband project, Bumped Up to First Class.

Check it out and get your order in now! The first 200 orders receive a free Strokeland Records Logo sticker with purchase of Bumped Up to First Class.

June 20, 2007


The highly-anticipated new Strokeland Superband CD, "Bumped Up to First Class" will begin shipping on August 1. We fully expect that this will be the actual ship date. Stay tuned for this great new release. It's just around the corner!

June 9, 2007


The Strokeland Downloads store debuts today - where Strokeland fans can download selected music direct from Strokeland Records!

In partnership with Hipsolve Media, the Strokeland Downloads Store allows you to buy credits and download music direct from Strokeland to unprotected MP3 files on your computer using Hipsolve's free "JamGate" program.

Simply create a free account, buy credits at our store (as little as $1 on our limited introductory offer) and download your favorite Strokeland tunes to your computer. Play and manage them using the free "JamGate" program. Burn them to CD or transfer them to your MP3 player.

You can access the Strokeland Downloads Store at or directly at HipSolve's address at  To get started, just click on "New Account" in the upper right corner of the Strokeland Downloads Store main page.

Click on the small "speaker" iconHipSolve Audio Sample icon next to any song title to hear a high-quality sample of that song.

We just ask that you adhere to our copyright on the honor system and support Strokeland artists by using the music for your own enjoyment. If your friends would like a copy of a song, they can download it for only $.99 as well!

Check it out today and please let us know what you think by posting on the Strokeland Community or emailing Steve Finch, Director of Operations directly at

Hipsolve Media

June 6, 2007

Ask Doc for June, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

May 8, 2007 Updates

Strokeland welcomes the new SoulRadioOnline forum to the Strokeland Community. Check in for news and the latest playlists from our friends at, where you're hear Strokeland releases online FIRST.

May 3, 2007

Ask Doc for May, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

May 2, 2007

Strokeland Jazz Welcomes Bill Bergman

Another great artist familar to Strokeland fans joins us this month with a new solo release! Bill Bergman, original member of Jack Mack and the Heart Attack, has released his newest solo CD entitled "Universe Soul".

"Universe Soul" is a great collection of grooves featuring an all-star collection of musicians and Bill's masterful tenor sax. Great arrangements and wonderful musicianship make this a contemporary jazz release you'll want to check out for yourself.

April 9, 2007

Video Clip from "The Making of Doc Goes Hollywood" Posted

A clip from "The Making of Doc Goes Hollywood" is now posted on the Strokeland Media page and on the Strokeland Records YouTube page at Check it out in preparation for the release of this outstanding collection of music this summer!

April 6, 2007

Strokeland Welcomes Jimmy McIntosh

Familiar to Strokeland fans as long-time guitarist for the Lon Bronson All-Stars, Jimmy McIntosh steps out with a great solo release entitled Orleans to London, showcasing his fabulous guitar work.

Joining Jimmy is an incredible lineup of musicians, including Ronnie Wood, Cyril, Ivan and Art Neville, and a legendary guitarist that we can't name whose initials are "J.B.". It's a different New Orleans vibe for Strokeland fans, but one we think you'll dig.

April 6, 2007

Ask Doc for April, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

March 6, 2007

Ask Doc for March, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

March 6, 2007

Strokeland Exclusive Interview with Ron E Beck

Check out the new exclusive interview with former Tower of Power drummer, Ron E Beck on the Strokeland Media page.

February 25, 2007

Sneak Preview of Bumped Up to First Class on!!

Sneak Preview!

Through a special arrangement with, Doc Kupka has agreed to pre-release TWO NEW SONGS from the forthcoming Strokeland Superband release, "Bumped Up to First Class" for airplay!

The two pre-released songs are:

"When Will Colin Powell Write His Tell-all Book"

"Just in Case You Wondered"

This is a first for Strokeland. The songs are rough mixes and are still awaiting final mixing and mastering, but all tracks are present and accounted for. Both songs feature Mike Finnigan on lead vocals.

The tracks will be in the rotation at for a limited time only, so don't miss this unique opportunity to hear two Strokeland Superband tracks BEFORE release!

Grab your shades, head to the VIP Lounge and prepare to be "Bumped Up to First Class".

February 6, 2007

Ask Doc for February, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

February 6, 2007

Strokeland Welcomes Funkiphino

Funkiphino, (pronounced "funk-if-I-know") from Boulder, Colorado joins our Strokeland Around the World section with their new release "Rise Above". It's a new groove for Strokeland fans featuring guest appearances by some very familiar musicians.

January 9, 2007

Bumped Up to First Class NEWS!

The legendary Lydia Pense has completed her vocal tracks for Doc Kupka's new Strokeland Superband release, "Bumped Up to First Class". Lydia joins the great Edgar Winter as the other announced featured vocalist. Stay tuned for more hot surprises as this shapes up to be one of Strokeland's all-time hottest releases!

January 6, 2007

Horn Recording Session for "Bumped Up to First Class"

Doc will be in the studio on Feb 13th-14th to record most of the horn section work for the forthcoming Strokeland Superband release, "Bumped Up to First Class". Doc will be joined by Mic Gillette, Lee Thornberg, and David Woodford to lay down the greasy horn work for this hot new release.

January 6, 2007

Ask Doc for January, 2007 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

December 22, 2006

Doc Goes Hollywood and the Academy Awards

William Ross, Hollywood A-List orchestrator, will be providing the string arrangements on the forthcoming Strokeland release, "Doc Goes Hollywood".

Mr. Ross did the orchestrations for many top movies, including "Forrest Gump", "Contact", "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", "The Polar Express", and many, many others.

Mr. Ross also just returned from serving as Barbra Streisand's musical director on her recent tour.

In addition, we're excited to announce that Mr. Ross will be serving as Music Director and conductor for the 2007 Academy Awards! He's busy writing and scoring music for the show.

Strokeland is honored to be working with such a giant of the music industry.

December 21, 2006

In the Studio!

Doc Kupka is in the studio in LA TODAY recording the legendary Lenny Pickett for all the sax solos on the upcoming Strokeland Records release, "Bumped Up to First Class". Doc and Lenny will also be joined by the incredible Lee Thornburg this afternoon to record some of the horn section work for the CD as well.

Mike Finnigan recorded smoking Hammond B-3 parts on several songs yesterday to compliment the tracks already recorded by the great Chester Thompson.

Doc played several of the tracks for me over the phone and I can tell you that this will be one hot Strokeland release!

November 30, 2006

Ask Doc for December, 2006 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Doc's monthly installment is now online.

November 28, 2006

Strokeland Community Debuts!

The Strokeland Community opened to the public today, bringing a messageboard, blogs, RSS news feeds and more to Strokeland fans worldwide.

Strokeland fans have long requested more contact with the artists and this will be more possible than ever before in the Strokeland Community. A number of Strokeland Artists have agreed to personally participate.

The Strokeland Community cannot succeed without YOU. If you think this is a good idea, let us know by participating. Join today - it's easy.

To get to the Strokeland Community, just click on "Community" in the left-hand menu on this site, or go to You'll see a "How to Get Started" box on the front page that will get you going. Come on by and have some fun!

November 6, 2006

New Roger Smith Releases on the Way

Strokeland Jazz is jumping with anticipation. The great Roger Smith is also in the studio hard at work on TWO new releases!

Roger Smith's "Sittin' In" and Jazz Rosco's "Rosco's Place 2" are both due around the beginning of 2007.

Strokeland Records is proud to present Roger Smith's releases. We'll keep you up to date as the release date nears.

November 2, 2006

Alias Smith & Lane News

We have great news for Alias Smith & Lane fans!  Greg Smith has informed us that he and Nick Lane are going in the studio in the next few weeks to begin work on a new release!

In the meantime, if you haven't already checked out the funky groove of their first release, Smile and Nod, you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Great Hammond B-3 grooves with tight horn lines and adventurous solos make this CD a must-have.

We'll keep you informed about the release date. Of course, you'll find the new Alias Smith & Lane CD right here on Strokeland Records!

October 31, 2006

Ask Doc for November, 2006 Posted

Doc answers YOUR questions on the Strokeland Media page. Our first monthly installment is now online.

October 26, 2006

Chad Rager Groove Gets National Radio Airplay

Check out the radio stations currently giving 21st Century Groove airplay! Please support the Chad Rager Groove and Strokeland Records and request your favorite cuts at your local radio station.

UPDATED 11/7/06 - Lots more stations added!

October 13, 2006 - UPDATED October 18, 2006

Mingo Fishtrap News!

Strokeland is excited to announce that we now have another great CD from Mingo Fishtrap available! "From the Private Bag" is their release prior to their great new CD, "Yesterday", and delivers more of that great music that Mingo Fishtrap is famous for. If you're a Mingo fan, you'll definitely want to own "From the Private Bag".

A great new live DVD is in the works from this hot Texas band and you'll only find it online here at Strokeland Records! The DVD is expected to be released before the end of the year.


October 6, 2006

Strokeland Email List

Strokeland fans can now sign up to receive Strokeland email news from the main page of the web site in the bottom right corner of the screen. Subscribing and unsubscribing can be easily done from this one location. Strokeland will only send occasional emails announcing news relevant to Strokeland fans. We hope you'll sign up now!

October 2, 2006


The first episode of "What's Up, Doc?" is now online on our Media page. This interview with Stephen 'Doc' Kupka was recorded on June 24, 2006 at the Tower of Power/Tom Jones concert in Newport News, Virginia.

Strokeland Records is now on Come by and see us at

September 29, 2006


With thanks to Al Carlos Hernandez for this great idea, we're starting an exciting new program to allow YOU to ask Stephen "Doc" Kupka the questions that you've always wanted to ask.

We'll ask Doc the questions and include them in our next video interview segment to be posted on our MEDIA page here on this website.

Email your questions to We can't promise to answer every question, but we'll do our best. Questions that are of interest to Strokeland fans in general are most likely to be answered.  Inappropriate questions will not be answered.  Get those questions together and email them in!

We'll be filming the next installment on Tuesday, October 3, so get your questions in now!

September 28, 2006

Our apologies for not having the video interview with Doc Kupka posted on the Media page yet. We're working though an audio synchronization problem when exporting the video to Quicktime. We expect to have the video online by Monday, October 2. The problem we're experiencing seems to be a common one with Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software.

September 27, 2006

Strokeland is proud to add two more Bruce Conte CDs to our lineup. Check out Bruce's contemporary jazz releases, "Right From the Heart" and "Rumor Has It".

September 26, 2006

All audio samples on the new Strokeland web site now use an improved player window so that Strokeland fans can continue browsing while listening to an audio sample of a Strokeland release.

September 24, 2006

Strokeland Records today announces the grand opening of our new, completely redesigned web site.  Now under new management, Strokeland is launching into a new era of growth and expansion.  With two new "Doc Kupka Presents" projects slated for release later this year under the personal guidance of Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, president of Strokeland Records, the next year promises to be an exciting one for Strokeland music fans.

-- from Stephen "Doc" Kupka, President of Strokeland Records

-- from Steve Finch, Strokeland's Director of Operations