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The Life and Times of Frank Biner
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This highly-anticipated project holds special meaning for Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, who co-wrote many of the songs with Frank Biner and Emilio Castillo. Frank Biner was well-known in the San Francisco and Oakland, California area as a powerhouse vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter of the highest caliber. Frank passed away unexpectedly in May of 2001 and is greatly missed by his many friends and fans, which makes this release very special for Strokeland Records.

Frank Biner

Doc Kupka was also heavily involved in the original recording of the songs and co-produced the project with Frank. Jeff Tamelier added some great guitar overdubs and was heavily involved in the project as well.

The songs were originally tracked during recording sessions at Kensington Sound Studios in 1982 in Toronto, Ontario with many great Canadian musicians and special guests, but were never released. These tracks are from the original sessions, with fresh new mixes, provided by Rick Duncan of Nacnud Studios and Steve Yelick of Coastside Recording, and mastering by Brian Hijos.


Strokeland Records needs YOUR help!

The original tracks for this project were recorded in 1982 in Toronto, Ontario. With the passage of time, the detailed records, including musician credits have been lost.

If YOU were involved or have personal knowledge regarding musician credits, please email and tell us what you know about the recording. We'll compile the results and post them here.

Over the years, the records from the recording sessions have been lost and detailed musician credits no longer exist, but many top musicians lent their talents to this project (see sidebar on this page). Over the coming weeks, we will assemble as much information as we can from all sources and post the credits here.

Chuck Hansen served as Executive Producer for the project. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF FRANK BINER is a co-production of Strokeland Records and House of Hansen Productions, LLC. Strokeland is grateful to Chuck for his assistance in helping to make this project a reality after all these years.