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What Is Hip?
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This Time It's Real
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Tony Adamo
This Time It's Real

Singer/songwriter Tony Adamo and his producer/guitarist Jerry Stucker have re-grooved the Tower of Power (TOP) songs "What Is Hip" and "This Time Itís Real," and have added their unmistakable smooth groove to these TOP hit classics.

Adamo and Stucker have reimagined "What Is Hip" in a totally fresh and hip style that pays homage to, but never attempts to duplicate, the classic Tower of Power original.

Adamo told us that during a recent meditation he had a musical insight about the music for a cover for this tune. He brought the idea to his producer, Jerry Stucker, who immediately contacted Stephen "Doc" Kupka about a remake. This was when they discovered that Doc had been thinking about retooling "This Time Itís Real" along with several other TOP tunes. Doc was knocked out when he heard the rough mix and gave the high sign for them to groove on.

Tony Adamo, Mic Gillette, Tom Politzer (l-r)
Photo by Mark Leialoha
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The horn section for Adamoís new cover of "This Time Itís Real" is made up of current TOP members, Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Tom Politzer (solo) and returning Tower of Power member, Mic Gillette, who wrote the horn arrangement for the remake.

Doc Kupka suggested Adamo take a listen to several other TOP classics including "Recapture the Magic" and "Knock Yourself Out." Adamo and Stucker now have several other TOP tunes simmering on the back burner.

Sandy Shore of has launched a national radio promo for "This Time Itís Real." This song will definitely be added to Adamoís new 2010 CD release, which you will find here on Strokeland Records when it becomes available.

Strokeland Records is proud to present this special, exclusive sneak preview of "What Is Hip?" and "This Time It's Real", available ONLY as MP3 downloads.

Denver's Smooth Jazz Radio Station KKHI 101.9 is spinning Tony Adamo's cover of the Tower of Power hit "This Time It's Real". Request it at

Jim Santella of L.A. JAZZ SCENE MAGAZINE digs Adamoís strong original style and says, "He sings with the bold character of a man who knows how to entertain, recalling pop singers Tom Jones, David Clayton-Thomas and Brook Benton, as well as jazz singers Al Jarreau and Mark Murphy." With the triple threat of Tony Adamoís smooth funk vocals, TOP horns, and the rhythm section applying pressure to the groove, this song will be the sound of the summer. was the first U.S. radio station to break this new MP3, "This Time itís Real."