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Producer's Notes:


I’d like to give my heartfelt thanks to Stephen “Doc’ Kupka for his patience in getting this project done. It wasn’t easy and his understanding meant a lot to me!

I’d like to thank Jennifer Biner for her trust in letting me do what needed to be done so these recordings could see the light of day. Always a positive voice, Jen was and I hope this will represent something Frank would have been proud of.

I’d like to thank Rick Duncan for stepping in and mixing some of the tunes when the illness of my wife made it impossible for me to go further.

I’d like to personally thank Jeff Tamelier, Greg Jones and Tony Baker for all their great work on the project. What can I say guys? You really brought it home and it was a pleasure to work with you. On the engineering side, Frank Koppelmans was instrumental in getting the tape transfers done and John Nowland was always around to lend an ear. Thanks guys!

I’d like to dedicate my work on this project not only to Frankie B, but to Jacqueline, my wife of 29 wonderful years (missing you) and my daughter Caitlin (thanks for the ending on “Girl Scouting”). My girls never let me forget about the project and knew I needed to finish it.

Frankie boy, I’ll always look upon the day we met again at the airport after 25 years and flew on the same flight to Europe as a great one. Man... did we laugh. I am so glad we got a chance to be a part of each others lives again when we were both older and wiser, even though it was for way too short a time. Peace my friend.

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